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Here are some places I have found that you might like also!

Price Right Books Library

Our library is now online.  This is our Calibre Ebook manager library.  It lists all the books currently in stock.
This is our personal library and really is for you to see what we have available.  Once you see a book you want you can order by email or Click Here.
Of course books can be ordered even if you do not see them listed.  We are adding books daily but will never have every book available listed.
This is our personal library so will say Calibre on the page not our ptmbook logo.

Trying to figure out which book goes in which series for your favorite author? Fantastic Fiction will give you a list (including year published)  Want to know what's coming up shortly, what books have been written etc for an author? Here's your place. Click on the Fantastic Fiction logo to there. Big request!!! When you find the book you want, come back here to make your purchase!!!


If you would like to keep a record or which books you have read, own, what you want to read this place is for you.  They not only offer a database for your books but one for music comics etc. They have a database to download free. This is restricted to 100 titles. But it lets you see if you like the software before you make a purchase.  You don’t even need to type as this database picks information from web pages and downloads to the database.  You not only get title and author but a photo of the cover-page!!